"Sommerfrische" 2015

“Sommerfrische”, a nice german word. It means getting out of town into nice country side, for us Austrians off course it means going to the mountains. For those who doubt that paradise is a place on earth or think only beaches come close to this term, check out the scenery of Kaprun´s water reservoirs. 


Altitude 2500m +

Water temperature 7°C

Glacier in reach

Ice cold clear water mountain creeks

#no filter

Even if you take the bus up there the way is f*** cool!

What to do at night?     Make a fire and have a barbecue, off course.


#old school #real wood #realchill



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Cape Town Escape - edition II

A new year, a new Cape Town experience. Escape the cold, work at the beach with some beautiful international models and enjoy Cape Town’s unique atmosphere was pretty much the plan for this year’s South Africa trip. And that is what we did :)


After working hard from October onwards and having almost given up hope to make our way down south we managed to arrange a three-week window between different jobs in Austria to hop on a plane. Armed with a job for a swimwear editorial for an Austrian fashion magazine (watch this space, link will follow), with lots of bikinis and bathing suits in our luggage we hit the mother city. The usual frenzy of castings, location scouting, assistant finding and styling hunting commenced, even though we managed to throw in a few kite surfing sessions and Table Mountain hikes ;) (click or swipe for more pics).

We decided on some beautiful beaches close to Cape Town for our shootings, starting before sunrise to catch the most flattering morning light. Having cast three amazing models, Joana from Germany, Laura from Gran Canaria and Ernania from Mozambique, our job was made easy. Three very different girls, three different editorials, three times the fun.


Follow the link for the finished editorials!


The following pics show some very nasty shooting environment. Do not watch it in case you´re already overworked and loooonging for vacation! Seriously, don´t :)

In addition we photographed a lifestyle story – fun at the beach, surfing, eating a watermelon, doing gymnastics, all the while modeling swimwear (again, I know. I told you, we were planning to work on the beach ;).

The end results from our trip will be appearing here shortly. We can’t wait to share our final pictures from our Cape Town experience 2015 with you!




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'Hairitage' feat. Austria's Next Topmodel Boys&Girls

Some months ago in July I got contacted by Mirza, the fashion editor of Vangardist magazine. Mirza was asking whether I’d be interested to shoot an editorial for their November issue. November, you might be wondering, since it was only July? It wasn’t just any editorial however, but a photo shoot with candidates from the TV show Austria’s Next Topmodel! For this year’s ANTM season not only girls took part in the show, but for the first time in Europe, also boys were fighting for the title “Austria’s Next Topmodel”.


During one hot Sunday afternoon, together with the team from Vangardist, we travelled to Baden, a picturesque town about an hour out of Vienna. Since this was one of the real jobs in the show, the candidates had to go through a casting process and got evaluated by Julian Wiel, the Creative Director of Vangardist magazine and myself. In the end only some of them were chosen for the editorial – like in the real modeling world :) So after some casting action, some filming action and some interview action we settled on our top five candidates – Manuela, Miro, Lydia, Damir and Oliver – and tested their skills in front of the camera lens during an impromptu photo shoot.

From that it became clear that two of the contestants fit the job description best – be strong! be expressive! be intense! – Miro and Lydia. Click the link below to watch our casting as it appeared on TV.




A week later all of us met again for the actual photoshoot in the f6 Studio in Vienna. The November issue of Vangardist was themed all around ‚Hair’ so the whole shoot was revolving around that topic – hair extensions, bird’s hair i.e. feathers and clothes made of hair. To get a small behind the scenes glimpse, click on the link below, our part starts around minute 9.




In the end we had some fancy hairstyles, crazy make up, hairy and furry clothes and both Miro and Lydia rocked the shoot! To check out the final results follow the link to my fashion portfolio. It was a super fun day, with awesome people and a nice insight into the world of reality TV productions (and many shots of my bum :p).

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Cape Town Escape

On a dismal February day in Vienna when the cold wind clawed at the streets, the skies were grey, and the hope for snow was long gone… I happended to be lucky enough to escape from all that misery down to South Africa where summer, wind, ocean, kite surfing, amazing food, marvelous light, friendly locals, and not to mention a few photo shoots were on the agenda.


Having landed and made our way up to Langebaan (a couple hours journey from Cape Town) the absolute worst that can happen to a kite surfer occurred—no wind! For lack of other options, we sampled a great deal of South African food and wine to make the best of it: drinking, eating, and sleeping ;) Swimming was unfortunately not much of an option either, not event the local would dare. Did you know that the water there is absolutely freezing even in the middle of summer? Not to mention a ‘few’ hungry sharks who like to roam the waters of that region…
With all our limbs intact, we finally made it to Cape Town, which would become our base for the following five weeks. Then the frenzy activity started: checking in at model and photo agencies, location scouting, searching for stylists, lining up hair and makeup artists, registering at hundreds of offices for licenses—ok, I’m exaggerating, but that’s honestly how it felt :)


All the while the wind was blowing up to 35 knots and I was enjoying a few stolen moments on the waves. Kite surfing is the ultimate thrill! Especially that one time when I wanted to do a downwinder to the next beach but somehow managed to miss it, had to go the long way back out to the sea, around a reef while imagining the sharks circling under my board, and finally to the next beach 7km away. As you may have noticed, I did in fact survive :-) And while I never had a personal run-in with a shark during my time there, I did have an exchange with a rather chubby seal who was intent on marking its territory. And just a piece of advice for the future: in case you ever see a fin, check out it’s shape… it might just be a dolphin riding with you :p

Back to work… Cape Town was buzzing with productions at that time of the year—roughly about 700 all at once(!), and therefore finding an appropriate stylist was quite a trial. I met a few great South African designers and ended up shooting an editorial and lookbook, as well as a lifestyle story.


At this point, I’d like to thank our “angel,” Olwethu-Thando Klass (check out her blog on livemag.co.za), who showed us around for a whole afternoon just 5 min after we’d met the amazing “Milq and Honey” sisters Kelly and Gabriella. Olwethu also hooked us up with a designer/stylist Luiz de Laja, who did a great job on the set of our shoot at the dunes. Having everything lined up, all we had to do was get the permits for the shooting locations… or so we thought. Upon calling the office for our first location a few days prior to the planned shoot, we were informed that we needed an ECO (A what?! Oh, an “Environmental Conservation Officer.” Got it—Yes, sir!), a 4-wheel-drive automobile, a portable toilet, and to fill out a hundred forms, and pay a chunk of money at an office way out of town—then we’d get the permit! Easy, especially with a second shoot planned back to back, which also needed a permit for the location in Camps Bay. Freak-out time! (Note to myself: next time get a production company, they’ll take care of all this for you.)


But yes, we managed. And we had a couple of great shooting days with beautiful weather, nice people and a porta-loo that no one ever used, but served us well as the location for a final team shot! In true Cape Town style, at night we got hooked up with some friends of friends and ended up a on hill overlooking Camps Bay in the middle of a drum session with beating hearts in tune with the sunset, making for an unforgettable end to a amazing time in Cape Town.

Finally I want to recommend a few great Capetownians, who are extremely talented, nice, great to work and fun to hang out with:


The wonderful and talented Gabrielle from Gabrielle Swimwear—see her blog at http://gabrielleswimwear.tumblr.com.


The charming Swedish designer, Karolina Olowsdotter—check out her cool fashion designs at her facebook site: www.facebook.com/pages/Olowsdotter/174021029275206


A big and special thanks to Neal Vincent for his great support with his model agency Base (www.basemodelagency.com/), as well as Byron from Boss Models (http://www.bossmodels.co.za/).


And last but not least, Elsofie Pitout, her lovely husband, and Regardt Ross for supporting us with a 4×4 and their wonderful energy on our desert day!

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Blue Element Exhibition

“Blue Element” took place in 2009 already. As it was quite a spectacular exhibition, we decided to showcase it again. You didn´t see it? No problem. Here is a short summary of what was going on. We’re lucky enough to be able to provide you with some TV footage of the event. All those who didn´t see it live, or who’d like to relive it again for a few precious minutes, simply check out the clip below.


It’s in German since it was filmed by an Austrian TV program, but even if you can’t pick up on what they’re saying, the atmosphere and the sense of space are still tangible. Most of the images can also be seen in the underwater and exhibition section of the website—please enjoy.

Artist and photographer, Jürgen Knoth, presents his newest underwater series comprised of an array of images never seen before. The models are nude, or partially nude in designer clothes underwater, and were taken in the summer of 2008 in various pools in and around Vienna.


Water is representative of purity and is deemed as a primal element. Jürgen’s models move with the levity and grace of mermaids through this medium, while colours, bodies, and the vitality of water are selectively framed within the artistic and photographic realm. Brilliant ease, weightlessness, and elegance define the work of the Viennese photographer, Jürgen Knoth. From behind Plexiglas, radiant colours and contrasts shine through as if observed through an aquarium wall. Pure joy and energy seizes the beholder and inevitably draws one into the image’s world—a space in which a magical atmosphere exists.


The gallery itself is partly submerged in darkness while only the photographs are illuminated with spotlights and backlighting. Underwater visuals on the ceiling and surround sound design by Mia Legenstein transform the gallery into a striking underwater world in which guests can experience the images engulfed in a continuous soundscape.

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